Built for the cannabis industry — and not a moment too soon.

You have two choices: stand out or burn out.

That’s why there’s Cannovate.

Cannovate is the only customer experience provider created specifically for the cannabis industry. Our solutions are based on extensive research combined with deep experience in customer service and marketing. We know the challenges and pain points—and how to address them. Our four key building blocks are:


Nadia Cavasilios

Founder + CEO

Nadia Cavasilios is recognized as a senior customer experience consultant with 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on customer experience initiatives. Her key advice for businesses is simple- Deliver a phenomenal customer experience from day one, and build customer loyalty that will pay dividends as your business matures. Too many businesses focus solely on revenue in the early years, and by the time they realize they need loyal customers to sustain their growth, it’s too late- their competitors already have that loyalty. Nadia founded Cannovate in 2018 to bring proactive customer experience solutions to cannabis dispensaries and the industry at large as it matures and delivers deep economic value for communities across the country.